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The 'not bad' Webflow bug we found post launch

Hey! Joe here. First, this bug does not break Sweet Text. You can use everything as instructed and there will be no negative impact on your published site.

The issue:

When you restore your site from a backup, Designer sees the <angle-brackets> and tries to close them at the end of the rich text block. For example, if we use Sweet Text like this, "Have you used <sweet2>Sweet Text<sweet2>?" - Designer will update that text to "Have you used <sweet2>Sweet Text<sweet2></sweet2></sweet2>?"

Webflow confirmed this is a bug on their end. There is no note on when this may be fixed. Again - this does not influence Sweet Text usage. The closed brackets do nothing and do not show up on the published site.

This issue only happens with static rich text using Sweet Text. CMS field rich text and CMS connected rich text are unaffected.

If this does not work well for your setup, we have a different script for you to use. This script below uses [brackets] instead of <angle-brackets>. This script uses Sweet Text like this: "Have you used [sweet2]Sweet Text[sweet2]?"


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